Maximizing Exceptional Support and Eliminating Errors

With LinkHCM, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills found a solution that could handle their complex needs, provide dedicated support, and reduce error.

Client Since

August 2018


17 employees




Palm Springs, CA

Key Takeaways

By increasing efficiency with LinkHCM, Smoke Tree Ranch was able to refocus on their customer experience.

LinkHCM’s transition process helped Smoke Tree Ranch get off to a smooth, efficient start

The solution positively transformed the way Smoke Tree Ranch manages seasonal employees.

The Challenge

Smoke Tree Ranch is a beautiful resort in Palm Springs that allows visitors to step back in time to breathtaking natural surroundings and genteel hospitality.

Like any hospitality organization, having visibility into their workforce is extremely valuable in delivering an exceptional customer experience. But with other HCM solutions, Smoke Tree began having challenges which made things more complicated rather than less.

After 10 years with one of the big name service providers, they were ready to consider other options so they could put their focus back into their guests and not their workforce management. They had a few specific priorities in finding a new workforce solution.

  • Consistent dedicated representatives who would be able to assist in a timely manner

  • Ability to efficiently integrate and manage ACA and benefit administration

  • Capable of handling seasonal employees and H1/J1 FICA exempt employees

  • Regional support and the ability to work face-to-face with a team member

  • Smooth onboarding, as they had a poor, frustrating experience starting up in the past

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“Most salespeople deliver half of what they promise, but we have received every single thing we were promised by LinkHCM.”

Dana F.

The Solution

Smoke Tree Ranch made the decision to transition to LinkHCM after a decade of poor client support, empty promises, and inaccurate data.

The LinkHCM solution brought together all of Smoke Tree Ranch’s workforce management functions and data into one solution, drastically increasing efficiency on a number of levels. Highlighted benefits included:

  • An efficient Transition process to eliminate downtime and kick the partnership off to a strong start

  • Access to a local dedicated customer service representative available for all their questions and concerns.

  • Mobile application so that all employees can access timesheets, schedule, accruals and more whenever they want.

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“Changing your HCM provider is not an easy move. LinkHCM made it a smooth transition. There was a clear understanding of how the process works and who takes care of what.”

Dana F.


Ultimately, the transition to LinkHCM has allowed Smoke Tree Ranch to refocus on their exceptional client experience, rather than workforce administration.

And, the impacts were felt throughout the organization in a number of ways:

  • Huge time saving in providing information to employees or managing manual processes

  • Increased visibility with seasonal and year-round employees able to remotely access timesheets, schedules and more

  • Decreased stress or last-minute scrambling, as the ACA Manager proactively manages complex Affordable Care Act compliance requirements.

  • Empowered to properly manage earnings and deductions on their own rather than relying on customer support

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