Providing Real Results and Reporting through a Custom Solution

After a few negative experiences with non-functional customizations and manual reports, iTalk’s partnership with LinkHCM positively transformed their workforce management.

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Key Takeaways

From custom functions and reports to integrations, iTalk’s efficiency has increased substantially with LinkHCM.

LinkHCM’s dedicated support and mobile access was critical for iTalk’s international locations.

Expertise on California labor laws assured iTalk they would maintain compliance.

The Challenge

iTalk Global Communications is a telecommunications company headquartered internationally providing mobile, phone and television services around the world.

With teams working across time zones and continents, they needed a comprehensive HCM platform that could be accessed globally, as well as customer service that was available when they needed it.

With international operations, iTalk had some key priorities in a new solution:With international operations, iTalk had some key priorities in a new solution:

  • Support on handling California’s nuanced and ever-changing labor laws & compliance requirements

  • Ability to handle custom functions, reporting and integrations effectively

  • Integration with 401(k) plans to cut down on duplicate work and human error

  • iTalk was assured that the other solutions would be able to handle the customizations they needed, but none of the solutions actually functioned correctly, causing stress, waste of time & lack of efficiency

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“LinkHCM really understands what you’re trying to achieve and builds something for you.”

Rui Long

The Solution

In the past, HCM providers said they could address iTalk’s challenges and provide their needed reporting, but none of the solutions actually functioned correctly. This caused stress, waste of time & lack of efficiency.

So, iTalk was thrilled to find that the LinkHCM solution worked the way we said it would, and really did address their needs.

  • Support that was available and helpful when iTalk’s team needed it

  • Customizations that functioned effectively

  • Custom reporting that cut down on manual work and provided insights to evaluate specific data and review historic data

  • Global and mobile access to the system access, increasing efficiency among iTalk’s worldwide locations.

  • 401(k) integration with Payroll and HR tools allowed efficiency and drastically reduced human error


The LinkHCM team worked tirelessly to provide an efficient transition process and bring iTalk’s needed customizations to life. This provided a large number of tangible impacts to iTalk as an organization.

  • Freed up time and resources because customizations function correctly

  • Able to make thoughtful decisions with insightful reporting that does not have to be combined manually

  • No longer concerned about losing historical data

  • Empowered by a true partner backing them up, with the LinkHCM solution and dedicated team

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