Streamlining Processes to Support Massive Growth

Hub Has It partnered with LinkHCM to streamline its processes and gain HR support in order to grow effectively in both employee count and locations.

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Key Takeaways

Hub Has It has seen a huge increase in efficiency, thanks to process workflows, benefits integration, and our HR toolset.

The support provided by LinkHCM has saved the day on multiple occasions for Hub Has It.

With locations in California and Arizona and various employee types, LinkHCM helps maintain compliance.

The Challenge

Hub Has It has been in the business of supplying construction materials and equipment since 1967, and has expanded to 16 different locations on the West Coast.

A family run business, the Hub Has It team did not have any background in Human Capital Management, and needed an efficient way to manage payroll, benefits and HR. Specifically, they had a few major priorities.

  • Help with managing a growing team, including hiring and onboarding of new team members efficiently

  • Expertise and support on handling California’s nuanced and ever-changing labor laws & compliance requirements

  • Increased efficiency among systems and administrative tasks, and moving away from tedious paper processes

  • Accessible client support, and team members who would actually pick up the phone and be able to provide quick help

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“Working with Payroll Link has given me so much relief. I don’t worry anymore - I know they’ll get it done.”

Amy M.

The Solution

LinkHCM designed a comprehensive solution to address the unique challenges of Hub Has It.

  • More streamlined employee management across all 16 locations using the Attendance Board

  • Legal updates, proactive alerts and tools to maintain compliance across states and employee types

  • HR support using templates in our HR Toolset to streamline management processes

  • Integration with employee benefits to eliminate duplicate work.

  • Exceptional client support that has saved the day for the Hub Has It on multiple occasions with real-time help


As a business, the partnership with LinkHCM has provided incredible peace of mind to Hub Has It in a number of ways.

The team no longer has to research, guess and hope they are staying on top of compliance and the complex California and Arizona requirements. They have cut down on human error and increased efficiency through workflows and integrations. And most importantly, the team now has a support system that can provide confidence and expertise through new or challenging HR situations.

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