Maximizing Exceptional Support and Eliminating Errors

With LinkHCM, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills found a solution that could handle their complex needs, provide dedicated support, and reduce error.

Client Since

November 2016


67 employees


Religious Organization


Chino Hills, CA

Key Takeaways

Previous attempts to find a workforce solution resulted in errors, mistakes and frustration.

Client Support has been “amazing” and exceeded the needs of Calvary Chapel.

LinkHCM was able to handle complex needs, like pastors’ pay and housing allowances.

The Challenge

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills was looking to outsource their payroll, time & attendance and HR system. They had previously attempted - not once, but twice - to outsource with other companies. But these ended with disastrous results: constant errors and mistakes which caused duplicate work. Even more frustrating, customer service was poor, with Calvary Chapel waiting for weeks on responses and constant inconsistency.

Beyond this, Calvary Chapel had a number of unique Human Capital Management needs due to their status as a church.

  • Paying pastors versus other employees and volunteers can become complicated and, manually, has room for error

  • Housing allowances and other unique pay details are challenging in many systems

  • Ongoing, time-sensitive requests that require a quick and effective response

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“I was very impressed with how fast and efficiently LinkHCM onboarded us – there was zero downtime and they fixed all the errors from previous service bureaus.”


The Solution

Cindy was referred to LinkHCM through her community network, and was thrilled to find that our solution not only met, but exceeded the needs of her workforce.

  • Fast and efficient transition process to get Calvary Chapel up and running quickly

  • Correct housing allowance calculations and pastor’s pay and taxes

  • Exceptional customer service and the ability to always connect with a representative


The partnership with LinkHCM kicked off with a smooth, efficient transition that eliminated downtime. Since then, Calvary Chapel has felt ongoing positive impacts throughout their HR department.

  • “The customer service is amazing and if my dedicated rep is not available the next person who helps me is almost as good as my dedicated rep – so we never miss a step.”

  • “Housing allowance and pastors' pay are finally handled without a hitch. They get paid on-time and taxed correctly.”

  • Without constant errors or mistakes, Calvary Chapel is able to streamline and maximize their resources.

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