Saving 10+ Hours per Week through Process Automation

How Bethel Christian Center transformed from using manual, in-house processes to a sophisticated, unified workforce solution that supported their needs.

Client Since

December 2015


83 employees


Religious Organization


Riverside, CA

Key Takeaways

Bethel Christian was able to automate manual processes, saving 10+ hours per week

Bringing all time, payroll, HR and other data into one system gave the organization more accurate and insightful data

Our ACA Compliance tracking and reporting offered by LinkHCM supported Bethel Christian

The Challenge

Bethel Christian Center needed a change in their HCM management. A number of challenges actively impacted their workforce:

  • Outdated, in-house Payroll/HR system that, among other challenges, required a large number of manual processes

  • Manual processes meant chasing employees each pay period to submit their timesheets, then having to rekey employee data into payroll. Bethel Christian needed to streamline this process to make better use of resources.

  • Needed Compliance support in navigating the Affordable Care Act

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“The time I saved by automating the payroll process is unreal. On average I get about 10 hours back into my week.”

Verna N.

The Solution

When Verna and her team began to look for an HCM solution that would address their challenges, they were referred to LinkHCM. They were thrilled to find that we could unify all of their time, payroll, HR and other data into one system and to see the other powerful functions of the LinkHCM solution:

  • Department managers receive an automated alert at the end of each payroll period to review and submit their department’s timesheets.

  • Department managers receive daily alerts with missing punch reports as well as email notifications to approve sick and vacation requests.

  • All time hours are already available within the payroll system. No longer is double-work required for processing payroll.

  • ACA tracking is simple and built right into the system, and Workers’ Compensation reporting is available at the touch of a button.

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“Not only did LinkHCM provide a single software application, they offered the support and knowledge to help us navigate the ACA requirements.”

Verna N.


With LinkHCM, Bethel Christian was able to transform the way their team works, getting back invaluable time and resources that can be used to support their mission

  • Huge time savings, at estimated 10+ hours saved each week between payroll automation and other functionality

  • Streamlined and automate both the capture of employee time data as well as the import into payroll

  • More accurate data and meaningful reporting with all time, payroll, HR and other data in one unified system

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