Empowering a Nonprofit by Streamlining Processes

Ability Counts faces many of the same challenges of nonprofits nationwide - learn how they maximized resources and transformed their organization with LinkHCM.

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January 2012


553 employees




Southern California

Key Takeaways

Ability Counts wasn’t looking for a change, but saw major streamlining potential with the LinkHCM solution

The nonprofit was able to centralize all data, transforming their ability to make informed decisions

Our solution has empowered Ability Counts to maximize their resources, better supporting their mission overall

The Challenge

Ability Counts is a non-profit organization based in Southern California with an incredible mission. They provide vocational training for adults with developmental disabilities, in their pursuit of meaningful employment and achieving their greatest potential.

But, they faced challenges common to many nonprofit organizations: limited personnel and resources, remote employees and volunteers, and maintaining compliance, to name a few.

Their previous HRIS platform lacked basic functionalities, turning standard HR tasks into much more complicated endeavors than the team had time for.

Ability Counts’ Challenges:

  • Craved efficiency and simplicity in order to maximize their limited resources and personnel

  • Needed to integrate scattered processes and systems into one platform and cut out extra steps

  • Required mobile access and an effective mobile UX for remote employees

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“LinkHCM has made an immeasurable difference in the way we manage data and process payroll.”

Ability Counts

The Solution

With big goals and limited resources, Ability Counts was desperate for adequate internal structure that would support their mission. They were not looking for a change -- in fact, the team did not realize their business processes could be drastically streamlined to save time and resources.

But, by working to reassess their processes with a LinkHCM Workforce Success Consultant, Ability Counts realized that a new Human Capital Management Solution would unify the organization and simplify basic functions. And, by prioritizing mobile and user-friendliness, the solution would both work flexibly for their employees and volunteers, and scale with them.


  • After onboarding with LinkHCM, Ability Counts was able to centralize all of their data into one integrated solution. With centralized information management, they have been able to gather and visualize data to make more informed business decisions.

  • A user-friendly interface allowed for optimization and a clear user understanding across the board.

  • LinkHCM’s mobile application allowed off-site employees scattered between several locations to have access anytime, anywhere. The employees gained the power to punch in and out remotely, submit timesheets, view schedules and request time off.

  • Most importantly, our solution has empowered Ability Counts to maximize on all available resources to reduce HR hours, workload, and impact the bottom-line, allowing them to help adults with developmental disabilities pursue employment.

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